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Whether you’re on a construction site, operating heavy equipment or tackling landscaping at home, the best work boots for men make tough jobs a lot easier on your feet. Importantly, these boots differ from “everyday” boots in that they have a higher shaft to shield and support the ankle, a slip-resistant rubber sole to prevent accidents and a reinforced toe—usually steel—for added safety. Some of the best work boots even have soles with built-in electrical shock protection.

The best work boots for men combine safety, comfort and durability features. Work Boots Composite Toe

The amount of features to look for depends on your budget and the type of work you’re doing (more on that below, in our “What To Consider” guide). Here, we researched the top-rated options to suit a variety of situations, from lifting heavy items on slippery surfaces to doing manual labor in extreme temperatures and other potentially dangerous situations where sneakers definitely won’t cut it.

Sizes: 7 to 15; medium and wide widths | Materials: Nubuck leather, rubber sole | Weight: 1.8 pounds | Toe reinforcement: Steel toe | ASTM rating: Steel toe: F2412-18a, F2413-18 I C; Electrical hazard: F2412-18a, F2413-18, F2892-18

Timberland’s Pit Boss Steel-Toe Boot covers a lot of ground for a work boot. Not only are they safety-compliant and durable, they also have a comfort system designed to reduce foot fatigue by supporting the arch and cushioning each step. The Pit Boss’s non-marking rubber outsole is heat-, oil-, slip-, and abrasion-resistant, providing protection no matter what surprises might arise on a job site. Multiple reviewers reported wearing these boots for years before buying the same model again as a replacement.

What the reviews say: “I usually work rough jobs that involve destroying everything I'm wearing. These boots have saved my feet from dozens and dozens of nails, dropped tools, dropped heavy things, dropped sharp things, etc....These last longer than any other boots I've tried.” —Timberland

Sizes: 7 to 14; medium and wide widths | Materials: Leather, rubber sole | Weight: 2.06 pounds | Toe reinforcement: Steel toe | ASTM rating: Steel toe: F2412/2413-2011 I/75 C/75; Electrical hazard: F2413-05

Skechers’ industrial boot has some of the same features as its more expensive counterparts. It features both steel toe and electric hazard safety ratings, a puncture-resistant outsole and a slip-resistant rubber sole for both wet and dry conditions. There’s also a padded collar and breathable memory foam insole that makes these boots comfortable and supportive for hours of wear.

What the reviews say: “I was looking for a good all around steel toed boot perfect for making deliveries and this pair of boots fits the bill. They will require some breaking in but that is expected. For a steel toed boot, they are quite comfortable to wear for a long work shift.” —Skechers

Sizes: 8 to 15; medium and wide widths | Materials: Leather, rubber sole, polyurethane insole | Weight: 1.7 pounds | Toe reinforcement: Steel toe | ASTM rating: Steel toe: 2413-05, 2413-18; Electrical hazard: 2413-11, F2892-11 , 2413-18

Carhartt specializes in durable workwear, and their steel toe work boot offers a lot of reliable protection. The steel toe is highly rated for impact and compression hazards, plus there’s a secondary electrical hazard protection against incidental contact with 18,000 voltage electrical currents. On a comfort level, a polyurethane insole and cushioned collar offer padding to support the foot, and a lightweight midsole helps reduce foot fatigue on a long work day.

What the reviews say: “This was by far the best boot I have ever had, I wore these for 4 years almost straight doing everything from walking, going out and about, working on vehicles and power sports products, as well as in a factory. Only replacing due to the soles being worn flat.” —Carhartt

Sizes: 7 to 14; medium and wide widths | Materials: Leather upper, PU midsole, rubber and PU outsole | Weight: 2 pounds | Toe reinforcement: Composite toe | ASTM rating: Composite safety toe: F2413-18; Electrical hazard: M/I/C EH rated

Wolverine’s Overpass work boot has a solid design: The premium leather is flexible and waterproof plus a moisture-wicking mesh lining keeps feet dry. There’s a cushioned footbed that molds to the foot with each wear, and the dual compound rubber and PU outsole has extra grip and slip protection. This pair is also lightweight thanks to a composite toe and nylon shank.

What the reviews say: “This is the third pair of this boot I have ordered. I love these for the price and comfort but was also surprised how water resistant they were. Boots often say they are waterproof and turn out to be far from it. These are my go to work boots all year long.” —Amazon

Sizes: 7 to 16; medium (D) and wide (EE) widths | Materials: Leather, rubber sole | Weight: 1.82 pounds | Toe reinforcement: Composite toe | ASTM rating: Composite toe and electrical hazard: F2413-18

The Brunt Marin Comp Toe combines the classic look of a moc toe style with the durability of a waterproof work boot. The toe is made of a composite material that’s significantly lighter than a traditional steel toe, which can be heavy for some to wear all day. The boots are still ASTM-compliant for compression and impact hazard protection, and their rubber-skinned sole comes with built-in oil and slip resistance. Also great: The insert below the insole can be removed to give the boot a more relaxed fit.

What the reviews say: “Out of the box they look great. Slide them on and lace them up they feel like I’ve worn them for a month. Short break in for them and they are the only thing I want on my feet now. I wear them everywhere.” —Brunt

Sizes: 7 to 14; medium (D) and wide (EEE) widths | Materials: Leather, rubber | Weight: Not listed | Toe reinforcement: Steel toe | ASTM rating: Steel toe rated

If you’re on your feet all day, Duradero’s Moc Toe Boot combines safety protection with cushioning. A wedge-shaped outsole provides slip- and oil-resistance while the removable memory foam footbed has extra cushioning that molds to the foot and absorbs shock. Duradero also has an excellent rebuilding program: When the boots are worn out, you can ship them back to be resoled, relaced and have the leather reconditioned, all for free.

What the reviews say: “Duradero has knocked it out of the park with these boots. I have been wearing mine everyday and they only get better. The leather, stitching and outsole are premium quality and crafted together. These fit true to size as all of my other boots, with extra room in the toebox compared to other moc toe boots.” —Duradero

Sizes: 4 to 15 | Materials: Leather, elastic side, EVA footbed, polyurethane midsole, TPU outsole | Weight: 1.31 pounds | Toe reinforcement: Steel toe | ASTM rating: F2413-18 M/I/C/EH

Blundstone has been making boots for over 150 years and the #172 Work Boot is a popular pull-style. Not only is there a safety-rated steel toe, there’s also a kick guard for further damage protection, helping the leather last longer. The outsole offers heat resistance up to 284 degrees and the defined heel lugs add further stability for stairs and ladders. The footbed is moisture-wicking and offers extra cushioning at the ball of the foot and heel.

What the reviews say: “I had to pick up a pair of safety-toed shoes and was drawn to them because of the ease of on/off with the Chelsea design and from what I'd heard about their comfort. On both counts they delivered. I love having a pair of sturdy boots that can be put on and taken off in under 5 seconds.” —Amazon

Sizes: 7 to 15; medium (D), wide (2E), extra wide (4E), XX wide (6E) widths | Materials: Leather, EVA midsole, rubber outsole | Weight: 24.9 oz | Toe reinforcement: Composite toe | ASTM rating: F2413-18 M I/75 C/75 EH

Orthofeet is a top orthotic brand and their Granite Work Boots have many of the same foot-healing benefits as their shoes. A wide toe-box allows toes to splay out, a reinforced shank adds stability and support, and an EVA midsole provides ergonomic cushioning. For those with plantar fasciitis, the orthotic insole offers top-notch arch support, which takes pressure off the heels, and safety features, like a composite toe and ladder-grabbing rubber notches on the sole, deliver protection for industrial settings.

What the reviews say: “I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis for months now. I could feel some relief as soon as I started to wear these boots. Great job on the sole design!” —Orthofeet

At Forbes Vetted, we draw on our first-person testing, independent research and market expertise to compile our selections. We’ve published many footwear articles, including those on the best shoes for standing all day and the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. When it comes to finding the best work boots for men, we know that what you wear and purchase in an important investment in your safety and comfort. We also regularly update this article to ensure it contains the latest information; it was last updated in September 2023.

To find the best work boots, we spent hours researching top-rated shoes, read hundreds of reviews across different retailer sites and studied ASTM certifications, which is the international standard for work boot safety rating. We also consulted Forbes Vetted’s senior fashion editor Kari Molvar, who has over two decades of experience covering fashion and lifestyle topics. We narrowed down our picks by considering safety ratings, style, materials, durability and price.

The primary reason work boots are required at certain jobs is safety. Depending on the work, there are risks of dropping heavy or sharp items on your foot, encountering electrical currents that could generate a shock, extreme high—or low—temperatures, and slippery surfaces.

OSHA-approved work boots must be certified by ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, which publishes technical standards for a range of products. According to the ASTM, safety shoes are rated for impact resistance (abbreviated with an I), compression resistance (C) and electrical hazard protection (EH). Different jobs may require different ASTM ratings, so be sure to check with your employer to confirm what is specifically necessary for your job. All of our recommended work boots are ASTM-certified.

Most work boots come with some sort of waterproof layer, which not only keeps your feet dry, but also protects and extends the life of the leather upper. It’s also recommended to reapply a waterproofing wax or silicone-based spray when you notice water no longer beads on the surface. The last thing you want is for water—or chemicals—to soak through your boots; it’s not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous if you foot isn’t dry and secure inside the boot. If your workplace exposes you to cold temperatures, an insulated work boot will provide additional protection and comfort for your feet and toes.

Work boots take a beating from daily wear in extreme conditions, so it’s important they have a strong upper and a long-lasting outsole. Some work boots are quite thick and require some break-in time to soften the leather, but once they’re molded to your foot, many reviewers said their boots can last for years, requiring only an insole or shoelace replacement. Some brands, like Duradero, even offer sole replacement services, which significantly add to the lifetime of the boot.

The toe reinforcement of the work boot can also become compromised over years of wear; a steel toe that has become exposed from exterior layers wearing down is not as protective as a new pair of steel-toe boots, for instance. You’ll want a very durable upper to ensure the best, most reliable, protection on the job. Once your work boots wear out, they’ll need to be replaced if repairing them can’t bring them back to their original condition.

Most jobs that require work boots call for long hours on your feet, so you’ll want work boots with at least a mid-height shaft to provide support for the ankle. Some work boots come with insoles that add cushion for the arch and heel of the foot, or even memory foam that will form to the foot’s shape, providing a more custom fit. The boot should also hold the foot securely with laces or elastic panels to prevent slipping. The last thing you want is for your boot to fall off while on a job site.

Work boots should be comfortable, supportive and durable. Since you’ll likely be wearing them for extended hours, a proper fit is just as important as their safety features. Make sure the boot feels tight and secure on the foot and ankle, your toes have plenty of room to move, and you don’t experience any slippage in the heel. Pay attention to details like a breathable lining to help keep your feet dry, a mid-high (or taller) ankle shaft for support and footbed materials that are designed to reduce foot fatigue.

Work boot longevity depends on what you’re wearing them for and the duration. If you’re wearing work boots daily under intense conditions, expect to get 6 to 12 months out of them before you need a replacement or resoling. For other types of work, boots can last up to a few years with proper care. Keeping them conditioned, clean—dried mud can dry out the leather, for instance—and away from excessive heat can also help them last longer. Wearing your boots exclusively for work, not for casual everyday wear, can also extend their lifespan.

Although it’s a bit of an upfront investment, it’s recommended to own two pairs of work boots and alternate wearing them every other day. Giving your boots a day to rest and fully dry out not only will help them last longer, but can also reduce the chance of any bacteria buildup that can lead to athlete’s foot.

While some work boots might be perfect on their own, sometimes an add-on or two can help them feel more comfortable, warm and durable for long work days. Here are some of our favorite products to make your boots even better:

Regardless of whether your boots have insulation or not, a toe warmer can make a surprisingly big difference on cold days. HotHands is our top pick and is very easy to use: just remove the warmer from its packaging, expose it to the air and shake to activate. The pad sticks to your insole and is thin enough not to cause any fit issues in work boots. Keep in mind that it’s a single use product, but lasts up to 8 hours.

For extra heat that extends beyond the toes, consider a pair of heated socks. This top-rated pair has a battery that controls the temperature—expect cozy warmth surrounding the entire foot, activated in about 15 seconds. There are three temperature settings, a timer feature that allows for easy adjusting and quick turnoff if you start to overheat. After a day’s wear, remove the battery pack from the socks and machine wash them using the included laundry bag to prevent any damage. Also great: You can control the temperature settings via an app on your phone.

Most work boots are designed with foot comfort in mind, but sometimes you need a little extra support. Enter Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles, specifically designed to absorb the impact of working on hard surfaces all day. They’re podiatrist-recommended and tout a number of impressive comfort features: the extended gel cushioning reduces shock to the joints, a responsive design actually returns energy to the foot and they include anti-odor technology to keep feet smelling fresh.

After tightening and tying your work boot laces over many months, it’s possible they might wear out before the boots themselves are ready to be replaced. It’s a good idea to keep a spare pair of laces on hand. Miscly’s comes in eight colors and six lengths, ranging from 36 to 81 inches. They’re long-lasting, budget-friendly (only $9) and even come with a lifetime warranty: If the laces break, the brand will replace them for free.

As your work boots break in with age and wear, the leather might stiffen and dry out, which can lead to premature cracking. To reduce the risk of ruining your boots, a leather conditioner like Boot Guard Leather Dressing can help increase their lifespan. Simply apply the balm to your clean leather boots with a cloth, let it soak in, then finish with a soft bristle brush (we like this versatile and affordable brush kit). One important note: The balm can darken suede or other types of unfinished leather, so be sure to spot test before treating the whole boot.

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I'm a graduate of the University of Miami. Before joining Forbes I worked as a reporter and editor at Bloomberg where I covered everything from sports to how negative rates impacted the Black-Scholes model.

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