15 Best Silk Pillowcases for Hair Health & Skin Care in 2024 | Glamour

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15 Best Silk Pillowcases for Hair Health & Skin Care in 2024 | Glamour

By Jake Smith and Andrea Navarro

Chances are a night of particularly deep sleep has wreaked havoc on your hair or skin at some point—but the best silk pillowcases are here to help you avoid that outcome. Silk’s texture prevents hair breakage and static caused by friction, and the fiber can also help prevent wrinkles and breakouts. (Plus it’s just plain luxurious to sleep against silk.) Throw in a pair of silk pajamas, and you’re in for the best beauty sleep of your life.

Silk pillowcases also happen to make great self-care gifts, whether you’re shopping for gifts for teens who are obsessed with skin care or a gift for the wife who has declared bedhead the bane of her existence. Here’s everything you need to know about buying silk, according to beauty experts and Glamour’s obsessive testers.

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Editor review: J Jimoo’s pillowcase is one of the top-selling products in Glamour’s gift guides—and despite its shockingly low price, this mulberry silk pillowcase holds its own against options that are triple or quadruple its price. “It’s cool to the touch and truly soft, even beating out more expensive options that I’ve tested,” Glamour commerce writer Jake Smith says. “I love that it’s a zipper closure to keep the material tight. There’s no external branding, which I prefer for my bed. My big issue is that it stains easily, but I think that might be silk in general. (Just don’t, like, wear a hair mask to bed.)” Because of the price, it’s stellar for gifting—hello, presents for teenage girls. Another bonus: It’s less slippery than other options, meaning you’re not as likely to slide around at night.

Sizes: Standard, queen, king / Colors: 21 options / Closure: Zipper / Momme: 22 momme

Pros: Inexpensive; no external branding; not slippery Cons: Stains easily

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Editor review: Perhaps the most well-known silk pillowcase on the market, Slip’s mulberry silk offering is available in a ton of colors. From the well-made construction to the shiny finish and pretty shades, Slip is at the front of the pack in terms of design. But it also gets rave reviews from multiple Glamour editors (and dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD) for helping with hair and skin—and even our resident beauty pro swears by it. “My Slip silk pillowcase has saved my skin and hair—I never wake up with red, aggravated skin anymore, and my blow-dries actually last for days,” says Glamour associate beauty editor Danielle Sinay, who even travels with it. “As for the case itself, it’s so, so soft and silky, and it feels cool and lightweight on my skin. I wash it on cold and dry on mild, and I’ve never had a problem with it getting wrinkly or losing structure.” (The brand also makes sleep masks and scrunchies to help fight fine lines and spit ends, FYI.)

Sizes: Queen, king / Colors: 12 options / Closure: Zipper / Momme: 22 momme

Pros: Lots of color options; cooling feel; great frizz-fighter Cons: Might fray quickly if machine-washed

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Editor review: Drowsy’s mulberry silk option comes in 10 rich colors that make any bedscape all the more inviting. “My navy blue pillowcase still looks great after putting it through the washing machine, which not every option can say. It’s also not too slippery, meaning I’m not constantly falling off of it during the night in the name of stopping skin creases and split ends,” commerce writer Smith says. “I’m paranoid about hair loss, and I used to notice hairs on my regular cotton pillowcase in the morning. Since switching to silk, that’s mostly stopped; I can’t tell if it’s correlation or causation, but I’m happy either way. I don’t love the gigantic interior tag or the external logo, but these are nitpicks. It can wrinkle significantly, but a quick pass with a steamer returns the silk to almost new.” The brand is also a favorite among our editors; Drowsy took home best sleep mask at the 2023 Glamour Beauty & Wellness Awards.

Sizes: Queen, king / Colors: 10 options / Closure: Envelope / Momme: 22 momme

Pros: Great colors; true mulberry silk; machine-washable Cons: External stitched logo

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Editor review: When you want to try a silk pillowcase but you don’t want to shell out for the highest-quality silk for your very first purchase, Lilysilk’s 19-momme option is a great beginner pick. “Of all the silk pillowcases I tested, this one gets the least wrinkled,” says Schwartz. “It’s held up beautifully after several washes and has helped preserve my hair overnight (no more terrible bedhead). It also feels just as sumptuously soft as other, more expensive versions I’ve reviewed. The only demerit is that the sides are open, so it doesn't totally conceal the pillow underneath the way a zip closure does if you don’t place it on the bed well, but there’s enough fabric that it hasn’t been a total issue. I’d fully recommend this anyone.”

Sizes: Standard, queen, king / Colors: 11 options / Closure: Envelope / Momme: 19 momme

Pros: Affordable price; plenty of colors and patterns Cons: No zip closure

Editor review: This mulberry silk pick might just be the ideal pillowcase. The material is soft, of course, but it has a nice weight that feels luxurious and helps resist abrasion from sleeping and washing. The brand also offers 19- and 30-momme silk pillowcases at lower and higher price points, respectively, but this 25-momme option is a perfect introduction to the brand. “After using this 25-momme pure mulberry silk pillowcase, I get why people invest in more luxurious fabrics,” says Glamour contributor Lindsay Schallon. “Not only does sleeping on this feel like the equivalent of staying the night at a fancy hotel, but waking up in the morning is significantly better because I hardly have to touch my hair. The fact that my skin looks and feels more revitalized is just the cherry on top.”

Sizes: Standard, queen, king / Colors: 13 options / Closure: Envelope / Momme: 25 momme

Pros: Relatively inexpensive; durable; lots of color options Cons: Shrinks unless you line-dry it

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Editor review: Blissy’s pillowcase is a favorite among reviewers and Glamour staffers alike; four of our colleagues recommend it as a top-notch option for skin and hair. At 22 momme, it’s plenty soft but not overly expensive. “I’ve used my Blissy pillowcase for more than three years, and it’s withstood countless washes and wears beautifully,” raves Brie Schwartz, Glamour’s commerce director. “It’s luxuriously soft and cool to the touch (perfect for hot sleepers), but it does wrinkle easily, as you can see from the photo, so if you care about the look of your bed, it’s best to hide it behind a decorative pillow or steam it after washing.” The big drawback, she says, is a sharp zipper, so make sure you tuck the pull in before heading off to bed.

Sizes: Standard, queen, king / Colors: 12 options / Closure: Zipper / Momme: 22 momme

Pros: Lots of colors; durable construction; high-quality silk Cons: Wrinkles easily, stains are visible

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Editor review: If you prefer an extra-silky feel, Branché’s slick, shiny pillowcase is your best bet. It’s one of the most expensive options on the market, but it backs up the price with high-quality material, a luxuriously sleek finish, and a variety of rich shades. “I tested it out with both wet and dry uncovered hair, and I woke up on both days with hair that looked barely touched,” says Glamour contributor Brionna Jimerson. “I also noticed that my slumber felt much cooler thanks to the silky-soft fabric.” It’s more wrinkle-prone than other pillowcases, but that high-shine look (and its skin- and hair-smoothing powers) are worth the extra steaming. There’s an external tag, but it’s tiny and hidden on the back side of the envelope enclosure.

Sizes: Queen, king, boudoir / Colors: 10 options / Closure: Envelope / Momme: 22 momme

Pros: Super-soft material; cooling feel Cons: Wrinkles easily

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Editor review: This mulberry silk pillowcase is one of the softest we’ve had the pleasure of sleeping on, and our testers rave that it’s a total game changer for skin. “This 25-momme pillowcase really helps my skin. I can actually feel the difference between this and my cotton pillowcase, which soaks up my beauty products,” says Glamour contributor Khaliha Hawkins. “Yes, my head slips and slides on the pillow, but my face no longer feels dry or dehydrated when I wake up.” At $46 a pop, it’s in the middle of the pack pricewise, but it’s as well-made as the more expensive items on this list. The only drawback? There’s a large tag on the outer corner that can get annoying.

Sizes: Standard, queen, king / Colors: 12 options / Closure: Envelope / Momme: 25 momme

Pros: Oeko-Tex-certified; luxuriously soft Cons: Large external tag

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Editor review: Lunya makes some of our favorite washable silk pajamas, so it’s only natural that the brand would also make a standout pillowcase. The velvety-smooth feel holds up after multiple washes. “It’s cooler and less wrinkle-prone than a ton of other options I’ve felt,” Smith says, “and I love that the only external branding is an unmarked piece of ribbon sewn to the envelope closure. It’s only available in white and in queen size, which isn’t a problem for me, but might not be ideal for people with smaller or larger beds.” Another quirk is that Lunya doesn’t actually list the momme, although the pillowcase is made entirely from silk.

Sizes: Queen / Colors: 1 option / Closure: Zipper / Momme: Unlisted

Pros: Lack of external branding; wrinkle-resistant finish Cons: Only available in queen size; no momme measure given

Editor review: New York–based brand Hill House Home makes some of the dreamiest clothes we’ve ever seen—its mommy-and-me outfits live in our heads rent-free—and its underrated bedding department is just as great. Beyond its seriously soft mulberry silk, this pillowcase stands apart from the competition with meticulous design: There’s contrast piping around the edges, and you can even add a monogram for an additional $15. “There’s a hidden zipper closure to make sure the pillow doesn’t slip out, which is a tiny but game-changing detail if you’re used to pillow inserts sliding out of their envelope closures,” says Glamour contributor Talia Abbas. Better yet, the cute pattern will hide stains and wear.

Sizes: Standard, king / Colors: 5 options / Closure: Zipper / Momme: 22 momme

Pros: Tons of colors and prints; piping on edges Cons: No queen size; should be hand-washed

Editor review: This silk pillowcase, which has earned over 750 perfect reviews, is the current favorite of Glamour senior commerce editor Jenifer Calle. “The softness of this pillowcase makes me feel like a rich lady,” she says. “It’s been through many washes and hasn’t lost its velvety feel. And as someone who dreads laundry days, I appreciate the zipper on the side for faster bed making.” Reviewers note that the sizing is a little off, so be sure to size up if your pillow is a little larger than standard.

Sizes: Standard, queen, king / Colors: 10 options / Closure: Zipper / Momme: 22 momme

Pros: Concealed zipper; inexpensive Cons: Sizing runs small; only standard size and king size available

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Editor review: While this pillowcase is made from luxe polyester satin, not natural silk, it still deserves a spot on this list for its hair- and skin-smoothing powers. “I still can’t really tell the difference between Kitsch’s satin and actual silk, at least in terms of feel,” Smith says. “Since using it, I’ve started waking up with fewer blemishes and no bedhead or tangles. The biggest difference between this and more expensive options is that it isn’t as temperature-regulating or cool to the touch—not ideal if you need a cool feel for your best night’s sleep—but it’s also way less wrinkly each morning.”

Sizes: Standard/queen, king, boudoir / Colors: 10 options / Closure: Zipper / Momme: N/A

Pros: Affordable; tons of colors and patterns Cons: Not machine-washable; not real silk

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Editor review: “I have teenage boys, and with that we’re seeing teenage acne,” says Condé Nast’s Melissa Harden. “Boys being boys, I knew they weren’t going to be great with a skin care routine, so instead I looked for other solutions. This is where I found Argie (formerly Silvi) silk pillowcases for the win, more than anything to help one teenage boy with his eczema. It worked so well I got one for the other teenage boy for his acne. Over Christmas break he switched to a cotton pillowcase and the acne came back in full force. He switched back to silk and boom, so much better. It was once lined on his chin, and now we’ve seen him clear up after using the silk pillowcase. At this point I’ve upgraded everyone in our house to silk pillowcases, and we are all feeling the difference—from better skin to better hair.”

Sizes: Standard, king / Colors: 12 options / Closure: Zipper / Momme: 22 momme

Pros: Tons of colors and patterns; great for acne; bulk discount Cons: Stains easily

Editor review: Multiple Glamour editors own (and love) this pick, which 12 vibrant shades. “I tend to get bedhead since my hair is naturally curly, but this 22-momme silk pillowcase keeps everything in one place, tangle- and crease-free as I sleep,” says Andrea Navarro, a Glamour commerce writer. “With its $40 price point, it’s great value for money (and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the brand has a 365-day return window).” Meanwhile, commerce writer Smith appreciates that this case “isn’t too slippery for comfortable sleep,” although he warns that it doesn’t fare well in a washing machine: “Mine lost much of its luster when I put it in the machine, so I’d recommend hand-washing and line-drying.”

Sizes: Standard, king / Colors: 12 options / Closure: Zipper / Momme: 22 momme

Pros: Tons of colors; relatively affordable price Cons: Can lose its luster after washing

Editor review: This rPET pillowcase looks and feels exactly like silk, but it’s actually made from recycled plastic, meaning it’s vegan-friendly. “This pillowcase is so soft and luxurious!” associate beauty editor Sinay says. “It feels like cream or butter, which is a weird way to describe a fabric, but it’s a good thing, I swear. My hair and skin love it—there’s zero friction, tugging on my hair, or drying out my skin overnight—and it stays feeling cool.”

Sizes: Queen / Colors: 1 option / Closure: Zipper / Momme: N/A

15 Best Silk Pillowcases for Hair Health & Skin Care in 2024 | Glamour

Satin Bonnet Pros: Vegan; supersoft material Cons: Limited sizes and colors