The Best Magnetic Knife Holders to Buy in 2023, Tested

We tested 24 top-rated options from brands including Made In, Wüsthof, and Zwilling.

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The Best Magnetic Knife Holders to Buy in 2023, Tested

While many knife sets come with accompanying knife blocks, there’s a reason why most professional chefs and restaurant kitchens prefer a magnetic knife holder over a style that sheathes your blades inside a wood or plastic block. “A magnetic knife holder is a great way to highlight your knives, plus they make it easy to see what’s available to use," says Geoff Feder, owner of Feder Knives, a custom knife company based in New York’s Hudson Valley. “The key is to choose a piece with strong magnets that are spaced apart, with the blades touching magnets at two points.”

The best magnetic knife holders do more than just keep your knives organized — they add style to your countertop, make cooking a more efficient task, and maintain the quality of your favorite knife set. We tested 24 top-rated picks to find the best magnetic knife holder for your space. From a stylish wood design to a space-saving rack that also houses all your other cooking utensils, these 11 winners wowed us in testing.

The nonstick rubber base on this knife block means it won’t budge or tip as you retrieve your blades off it.

While this knife block allows you to store up to eight blades, its slightly larger footprint might be a bit clunky for small kitchens.

To our pleasant surprise, top honors in our testing went not to a holder from a big-name knife titan, but to a block from DTC cookware brand Made In. One look at this sleek piece and it’s easy to see why. The countertop block combines solid Italian beechwood with extra strong neodymium magnets for a secure and stunning place to stash your favorite pieces. At just over 11 inches long, it has enough room on each side to house four knives with plenty of clearance in between to maintain the integrity of your blades. The generous height also means it can handle even the longest bread knife or Japanese fish knife in your collection.  

During our testing, we gave high marks to this block’s gorgeous aesthetic, which is installation-free and thus, a perfect option for renters or anyone who doesn’t want to drill into their backsplash to hang a magnetic strip. The magnets hidden within the wood were strong and secure, allowing the knives to “snap” into place and keeping a tight hold on them — but not so much so that we had to struggle to remove them from the block.

The Italian beechwood block itself resisted scratching when removing or replacing the knives on the block and felt like a luxe option for its relatively modest price point. Above all, we loved how this magnetic knife holder kept our favorite blades at the ready without taking up too much countertop space.

This sleek magnetic knife strip can be hung horizontally or vertically for easy customization in your space.

This knife storage bar does not come with corresponding screws or anchors.

For an unobtrusive yet effective way to store your knives in your kitchen, look no further than Zwilling’s sleek stainless steel magnetic knife bar. The inconspicuous piece was named the best overall knife strip in our testing, thanks to its barely-there appeal and industrial strength. Sized at a generous 17.5 inches, it has plenty of room for up to eight knives, but it can also be used to house anything magnetic, such as kitchen sheers or a knife sharpener. While it doesn't necessarily add anything style-wise to your kitchen, it also won’t detract from a stunning backsplash or standout ductless range hood. 

While testing this product, we were immediately impressed by its minimalistic appeal and the fact that the entire bar was magnetic, not just certain spaced-out increments. Translation: It can hold blades and gear of all shapes and sizes, allowing you the ultimate flexibility if you have a surplus of metal tools in your kitchen. While the installation was a bit on the complicated side (mostly due to screws and anchors not being included), once it was attached to the wall, this thing did not budge. The stainless steel material was also incredibly durable and didn’t show any signs of wear and tear during our time testing (though fingerprints were evident — but nothing a little stainless steel cleaner can’t tackle).

Ultimately, this magnetic knife strip would be a great choice for anyone with a larger collection of blades, anyone short on counter space, or those who prefer an industrial aesthetic.

This strip offers two different types of installation, screws or magnetic, which means it can also attach to the side of your refrigerator if you prefer that.

The magnetic strip of this piece does wobble a bit as you remove your blades, though we didn’t have trouble with them falling off.

If this is your first venture into storing your knives on a magnetic holder and you’re unsure of whether it’ll jive with your cooking style, you likely want to opt for an option that won’t break the bank. Enter the Ouudy magnetic knife holder, which clocks in at just $17. However, don’t let that price fool you — the brushed stainless steel material of this holder is as durable as it comes, with the ability to hold a surplus of knives and other gear (up to 4.4 pounds of it, in fact). Like many of the other designs we tested, this knife holder requires drilling into a wall or backsplash, but we also used Command hooks to attach it to the tile.

One of the things that stood out during our testing was the fact that the magnets within this holder spanned the entire length of the piece, allowing every inch to be used. In addition to storing knives of varying sizes on this piece, we also used it to corral measuring cups and whisks, proving it would come in handy even if you don’t have an expansive set of blades. Best of all, of course, was the hefty quality of the piece, which we felt far surpassed its modest price point. The strip did not scratch or show signs of wear during our testing, and we loved how easily it eliminated excessive countertop clutter.

You never have to worry about tipping with this piece. It’s 10 pounds, providing plenty of weight to safely store up to 12 knives.

At 10 inches tall, you may have trouble storing some of your especially tall knives on this piece, though most knives should fit just fine.

If you’ve ever been frustrated when trying to reach your favorite chef’s knife in the midst of prepping a stew, this next pick is for you. Designed to make easy access a breeze, this geometric magnetic knife block rotates an impressive 360 degrees so that every inch is useable and accessible. The faceted sides tout plenty of available space for one to two blades each, allowing up to store up to 12 knives on the piece (so long as they are 10 inches or less). This piece is as solid as it gets, weighing 10 pounds. It should assuage any fears of tipping or teetering as you switch between your paring knife and utility knife. 

During our testing, we fell hard for this block’s gorgeous design and installation-free appeal. One of the big perks of this piece is that it spins, so you’ll want to place it somewhere on your counter where it can do so freely without the knives on the backside hitting your wall. We found that every style of knife we attempted to store on this piece held on without a hitch in a way that felt secure and safe but was still easy to retrieve. The bamboo body was hefty and durable, with an easy-to-clean surface that didn’t scratch at all during our testing. This piece elevates even the most basic knife set, though we have a feeling you’ll want to splurge on some new blades to keep up with the high-end aesthetics of this pick.

This piece includes fasteners and the brand’s block butter, so hanging and maintaining your piece is as easy as it gets.

At 10 inches tall, you may have trouble storing some of your especially tall knives on this piece, though most should fit just fine.

To keep your cutlery as sharp as can be, many pros agree that wood is the best material. The forgiving nature of wood won’t dull your blades as you remove and rehang them, plus it looks great in modern kitchens, which can sometimes be devoid of natural textures. This wall-mounted magnetic block from Benchcrafted performed well in our testing thanks to its heirloom-worthy appeal and internal rare earth magnets, which are incredibly strong.

When it came to testing this piece out, we liked how many options for customization there were — you can choose from two different lengths (12 inches and 18 inches) and five different wood types (maple, quartered sycamore, quartered white oak, cherry, and walnut) to customize the look and function to your exact specifications. Hanging the piece was easy thanks to the included hardware, so we had it up and running in the kitchen in minutes. The internal magnets span the entire piece, allowing you to hang knives or other kitchen utensils of varying sizes and shapes without worrying about having to slot them into specific locations. The included block butter also earned this piece some extra points, ensuring that it maintains its beautiful handmade look for years to come.

This piece includes hooks perfect for hanging other cooking utensils, provided they have a hole in the handle.

Because of the dual-bar design of this magnetic holder, you do run the risk of taking your knives off at a slight angle and, thus, scratching your blades a bit on the metal, which can cause wear over time.

If you’re looking to do away with countertop utensils and knife holders of all kinds, consider this magnetic knife holder. It earned points for versatility in our testing for obvious reasons, providing users with ample space to corral not just knives, but slotted spoons, silicone spatulas, and any cooking utensil with a hole in the handle. This piece is cleverly designed with two separate strips set a few inches apart that attach to your blade towards both the top and the bottom. This magnetic knife holder comes with two screws and anchors for easy installation, plus six S-hooks for hanging other utensils. 

During our testing, we immediately made note of how easy it was to install this piece — and how secure it felt once hanging. The no-frills look of the piece will appeal to those who prefer an industrial look in their kitchen or anyone who favors utilitarian products. The internal magnets span the length of the whole piece on both bars, so no part of this holder goes to waste. In addition to storing kitchen knives, we also hung other tools, including kitchen shears and two screwdrivers. Each piece was easy to remove from the holder, though you may have to maneuver the hanging pieces a bit if their holes are a bit snug. 

Overall, this straightforward piece is top-notch for the price point and a great fit for homeowners looking for a basic, no-frills magnetic knife holder.

With 12 different types of wood and 12 different lengths, this holder is the most customizable option on our list.

This piece is finished with food-safe oil to maintain the integrity of the wood, which can transfer onto your knives.

While most of the wall-mounted magnetic knife holders on our list range from 16 to 18 inches, this customizable design from wooDsom is available in a wide range of sizes from 8 inches to 36 inches. This gorgeous wood plank is available in finishes ranging from classic walnut and oak to unique purpleheart and is as functional as it is beautiful. The internal neodymium magnets span the entire piece, so the only dead zones are at the end where it screws into the wall. There’s also almost 2 inches of magnetized wood, providing a sturdy and ample surface for attaching the blade of your knives.

While testing this piece, we were impressed at every step of the process, from the easy wall-mounted installation to the sturdy hold the wood surface provided. There was no shaking or wiggling as we removed and replaced the knives on the block, and the piece looked beautiful when installed in the kitchen, bringing with it an extra dose of design. While it can’t be used to store much beyond traditional blades (and maybe a pair of kitchen shears), this block still eliminated the countertop clutter that comes with traditional knife blocks and kept all our favorite blades easily visible for quickly swapping between kitchen tasks.

The internal magnets in this piece extend completely from end to end, so there’s no wasted space.

This holder is a bit snug, so some cooks with a larger knife collection may have to make some tough decisions about which blades they store on this piece and which go elsewhere.

Wüsthof is a trusted name in cutlery, so it makes sense that they’d create an ace magnetic knife holder. This clean-lined piece is made from durable acacia wood, with a hidden super magnet that keeps things locked in place. The 18-inch length is the sweet spot size when it comes to housing a decent collection of knives without spanning your entire backsplash or kitchen wall. Depending on how much clearance is on either side of the holder, you can hang your knives with the handles up or down, giving you plenty of freedom if you have a tight kitchen space.

True to form for Wüsthof, this piece performed well during our testing, offering plenty of strength when it came to storing an expansive knife set, including two hefty bread knives and a pair of kitchen shears. The simple yet stunning aesthetic fits well into any kitchen, and we appreciated how gentle the acacia wood is on the blades. Installation was also a cinch, thanks to thanks to the included mounting bracket and screws. This is a functional and fashionable pick, perfect for anyone with a small space or a modest knife collection.

The wide suction cup base on this knife holder ensures its stability and prevents it from rocking back and forth as you remove and replace your knives.

The vast stainless steel surface on this magnetic holder will show fingerprints in the same way your refrigerator or dishwasher would, so it may necessitate more frequent cleaning.

This magnetic knife block holder combines wood and stainless materials for a sleek aesthetic that highlights the best of modern design. Magnetized on both sides, it allows you to house 10 or more knives on a slim body that takes up barely any space on your countertop. While this piece does involve a bit of assembly (you’ll need to attach the base and the block), it's super simple thanks to pre-drilled holes and included screws.  

During our testing, we found very few flaws with this design, which earned rave reviews for its just-right magnet strength and aesthetic appeal. The block itself was extremely sturdy, with a wide base that features suction cups on the bottom to keep it secured to your countertop. The dual-sided magnetized surface allowed us to store a full knife set plus six steak knives — all with room to spare. It was very easy to store this on the countertop while maintaining plenty of room for prepping and cooking. Keep in mind that, if you’re going to use the back of the block for storage, you’ll want to avoid placing it flush against your backsplash or wall.

This knife bar can be installed with screws or attached to any metal surface using the included magnet, making it a great option if you want to utilize the side of your refrigerator for extra storage.

Stainless steel can dull your blades with repeated grazing, so you should be careful when removing and replacing your knives on this piece.

While most magnetic knife holders are inherently minimal, this Modern Innovations style ranks high on the list for any homeowner on the hunt for a sleek and streamlined design. The stainless steel bar is minimalist and modern, with 16 inches of flat surface area that holds firmly onto various knives, fish spatulas, and other metal cooking utensils. It’s also void of any grooves, adornments, or visible screws, allowing your knives to hold center stage. For this reason, it’s an especially great choice if your favorite carving knife has a decorative handle or a visually stunning Damascus steel blade that you want to highlight.

During our testing, we had nothing but good things to say about the function and design of this bar. It’s simplistic but intentionally so, making it the ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t need a design with any frills or decorative elements. The knives we placed on this bar didn’t budge an inch once in place but still weren’t difficult to remove when needed for use. In addition to housing a selection of knives, we also put it to work holding a bottle opener, corkscrew, and cheese knife, all of which stayed on securely despite their varying shapes and sizes.

This knife block has a hefty and solid wood base, ensuring it won’t tip as you remove and replace blades.

If you choose to place this piece on your counter beneath overhead cabinetry, you may have trouble with clearance when trying to remove longer knives from the block.

If a sculptural design is what you’re after, look no further than this tiered design by Boker. The unique solid wood segments are each dedicated to holding a knife of varying lengths, creating a tiered effect that is sure to draw all eyes to your kitchen counter. The back of the piece is flat, allowing it to sit flush against the wall and causing it to take up less room than many traditional knife blocks. It’s available in three different stain hues, so you can easily choose the one that complements your dining room table and existing kitchen decor.

While testing this piece, we noticed immediately just how high-quality this piece felt. It came out of the box already assembled and ready to house a selection of our knives, including a bread knife, two chef’s knives, a paring knife, a utility knife, and even our honing steel. Each of the pieces was held securely onto the block, thanks to strong magnets within each of the wood pillars. While we did try and store other cooking utensils on this piece, we found it best suited to cutlery and anything with a primarily flat surface area, like a spatula. All that said, this piece is undeniably beautiful, and a great option for any home chef who also favors bespoke design.

While we tested a lot of magnetic knife holders (24 to be exact), our top honors went to Made In’s Countertop Knife Block and Zwilling’s Knife Storage Bar. Not only did both of the designs fulfill specific needs almost perfectly (one for the countertop, one for the wall), but they also acted as an aesthetically pleasing way to corral cutlery safely and effectively. 

We tested a total of 24 magnetic knife holders — 10 of these products were countertop designs and 14 were wall-mounted. Each of the pieces was rated across four metrics: design, magnetic strength, durability, and ease of installation. During our tests, we were asked to install each piece according to manufacturer instructions and use it with our existing set of knives and kitchen tools, ensuring each model tested was put through the paces with a variety of different blades.

We were asked to assimilate the magnetic knife holder into our everyday cooking tasks, noting how easy or difficult it was to attach and remove their knives, how much space it saved in our kitchens, and how sturdy it felt. Aesthetics were also kept in mind, and we made note of any extra features, like a rotating base or S-hooks for hanging additional utensils.

While the 11 magnetic knife holders that made our list are considered the best of the best, we still found many strong contenders along the way. The below bars and blocks are still great options but lacked in a few key testing categories, like a surface that scratched too easily with use, a difficult installation, or a price point that didn’t quite feel worthy.

We’re dedicated to bringing you the best of the best when it comes to kitchen gear, which meant there were a few magnetic knife holders left on the chopping block. The below options didn’t make our list of winners due to a few failed testing measurements, like a too-big footprint, weak internal magnets, or a surface that pretty quickly showed wear and tear. 

Magnetic knife holders are designed to organize your blades and save space, so size is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping. Your considerations should be two-fold: you want a knife holder that is big enough to hold all of your favorite blades and one that doesn’t suck up too much space in your kitchen, particularly if you’re opting for a countertop model. 

For countertop knife holders, you’ll want to make sure the size piece you choose still leaves ample room on your countertop and plenty of clearance between the top of the block and the bottom of your cabinets so you can easily remove and replace your knives. For wall-mounted styles, you’ll primarily be considering the right-length knife bar. Most of the models on our list are between 16 and 18 inches long, but many come with additional size options, with some as short as 8 inches and some as long as 32 inches. 

You’re trusting the internal magnets in these designs to hold up literal blades — so you want them to be strong. The best magnetic knife holders employ rare earth magnets or neodymium magnets, both of which will maintain their strength and integrity. You want to seek out a knife holder that has as much of a magnetized surface as possible, and one that holds your knives on securely while still allowing you to retrieve them without having to wrestle them from the block each time.  

Like anything else out in the open in your kitchen, your magnetic knife holder will need periodic cleaning to rid it of food splatters, dust, and grime. When choosing a knife holder for your space, consider how easy or difficult your chosen model will be to clean. Most stainless steel options will show things like fingerprints pretty quickly, but that can be alleviated with a quick wipe-down. Similarly, wood designs will need periodic oiling or waxing to stay looking their best, but ultimately it’s up to you which cleaning method you prefer. 

Ahead of shopping for a magnetic knife holder, you should have a general idea as to where it is you want to place it in your kitchen. Not only will that help you decide between a countertop and wall-mounted option, but you’ll also get a feel for how big you can go. Past that, remember that installation is a factor with some of these holders. If you’re a renter who can’t drill into a wall or someone who doesn’t want to put a hole in their tile backsplash, you’ll want to seek out a model that avoids that type of installation.

When shopping for a magnetic knife holder, one of the biggest things you should look for is a model that will accommodate all of your favorite knives. A design that can house between six and eight knives seems to be the sweet spot, allowing you to keep everyday blades as well as a few niche options at the ready for cooking. In addition, you’ll want to find a style that complements the size and aesthetics of your kitchen, without sacrificing all your countertop space or ending up with a knife bar located across the kitchen from your prep space.

Magnetic knife holders are not inherently bad for knives, but if not designed properly they can lead to blades that are dull or chipped. According to Feder, the best magnetic knife holders have no exposed magnets, which can cause rusting or an unnatural patina on your blades. Likewise, wood models are preferable, as there’s less of a chance they’ll dull the blades as they’re removed and replaced on the block.

Always install your magnetic knife holder according to the manufacturer's instructions, utilizing extra precautions like wall anchors whenever possible. Additionally, you’ll want to employ a level to ensure your bar is even and your knives don’t slide in one direction. 

To uninstall a magnetic knife holder, you may need to remove various screws, anchors, hooks, or magnets holding it up. Depending on where you’ve installed your magnetic knife holder, you may need to patch drywall or replace tile after removing your wall-mounted design.

Provided that your magnetic knife holder is installed properly, they are considered a safe way to store knives. There are a few things to keep in mind to increase the safety of your storage. For starters, locate your knife block or bar somewhere out of the reach of children and pets, and in a spot where it can’t be accidentally bumped into while you’re doing other tasks in the kitchen.

In addition, you’ll want to attach your knives to the holder in a way that is safe for both you and the blades. “It's safer to store the knife's blade-side down on a magnetic block, where the bolster of the knife rests on the top of the ledge of the strip,” says Feder. “That prevents it from slipping down; handle up is a lot more secure. In regards to magnets per knife, there should be two magnets at two points on each knife. One magnet will result in pivoting or slipping.” 

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The Best Magnetic Knife Holders to Buy in 2023, Tested

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