Car Stacker, Why Are They The Best Parking Solution In 2023

Due to a surprising boost in the automotive industry, personal vehicle use has increased dramatically. According to world statics, the car production rate in 2021 uprises 1.3% of the total of 2020. In the USA, approximately 91% of house owners/renters own at least one personal vehicle. As a result, compared to the number of vehicles, the area of car parking spaces decreased statistically.  

On the other hand, in 2023, the global economy is facing the risk of recession. Therefore how to maximize the parking spaces with minimum cost would be a challenging question for all property owners and developers. As one of the most popular car parking lifts, car stackers should be considered the first place when people are looking for the best solution. 4 Post Car Parking Lift With Manual Lock

Car Stacker, Why Are They The Best Parking Solution In 2023

In this article, we will demonstrate the fundamentals of car stackers. Eventually, you will learn what stacked parking is and its types; how does it work? How to install, maintain and save cost. In addition, this article will also demonstrate the common differences between hydraulic types and motor types.

A car stacker, also known as a parking stacker or a simple parking lift, is a lifting machine that allows you to park several vehicles vertically in one spot.This system provides additional vehicle storage and multiple car parking spaces.

This stacker parking is getting more and more popular in urban city areas. Due to the congested traffic and cramped living space, many are having difficulty finding parking spaces. Car stackers can greatly remedy the problem and reduce traffic in such circumstances. They can be discovered in opulent homes and apartments, valet parking lots, expert auto repair shops, new car showrooms, etc.

The working principle of an auto stacker is straightforward, parking the vehicle on top of the lift platform. Then the stack parking system will lift it up or down, depending on the type of auto stacker you are using. And then, another space will be left for the next parking vehicle. Usually, a car stacker or a parking stacker uses hydraulic systems to drive the system because of the cost efficiency. In some projects, the electrical motor driven is also preferred because of its advantages we will mention in this article later.   

In general, a parking stacker is a lifting machine that can lift single or multiple vehicles simultaneously and store them on top of each other. The most common stacking position is the exact plane parallel to the ground. The primary goal of a car stacker is to save space and provides parking for multiple vehicles.

As the name implies, a 2 post double car lift typically uses two columns as a standstill to lift the vehicles. One of the great benefits of a 2 post parking lift is its size. This type of double car lift requires less space compared to four-post car lifts because they usually have sharing column designs. It can easily fit in a shop with limited room and a small garage. Another advantage is also the design. Because two posts are set at the back of the lift, it leaves an open front. It’s very friendly to users who access the vehicles.

SolidParking offers different two post car parking lift models. TP-320, TP-270, TP-270H, TP-230H, and TP-200 are noteworthy examples, with a capacity of 2000 K.G. to 3200 KG. Among two post lift models, TP-200 is slightly different. It is a basement car park lift specially designed for low-ceiling areas.

4 post car lifts use four columns to withstand the structure. This stacked parking allows the driver to load and position heavy vehicles easily. Also, because of four post design, it’s safe and reliable to store cars on multiple floors rather than tow levels compared to 2 post car parking lift. Besides, this car lift’s runways provide easy driving onto the lift. As a result, this type of car lift is trendy in different public places.

MPS, FP-630, and FP-360, are noteworthy examples of four-post car lifts from SolidParking. These models provide a lifting capacity from 3000KG to 3600KG. The average parking width and height are 2100mm and 1800mm, consecutively.

Four-post 2 car lifts can be mobile; on the other hand, you must anchor two-post car lifts to the ground to ensure the safety and stability of the lift.

3 car parking lifts and 4 car parking lifts are multi-level parking lifts designed to provide three or four levels of the vehicle storage system. These types of lifts can incredibly boost space use. Also, compared to the two post type 3 car parking lift, four post 3 car parking lifts are much more stable and safer in long time use. On the other hand, this multi-stacker parking system has an average lifting time of 55 seconds. However, the parking width and height are 1600mm to 2100mm respectively.

Compared to the conventional stacker parking lift, pit parking lifts aim to store vehicles below ground level. They can be considered semi-automated systems because the users can freely park and retrieve their vehicles without moving others. These lifts are also using a hydraulic system or high-power electric motor. Usually, these types of stacker parking lifts use two or four columns to withstand the load. This type of lift is widely popular in personal houses and residential parking lots.

CPS, IPS, PTP are examples of Solidparking product lines. The average load capacity is 2000 K.G. to 3000 KG. The parking width and parking height can be customized according to the pits. The speed of stacker parking lifts depends on the specs of the cylinders and power stations the customers choose. The control system of pit parking lifts can be either relay-based IC or PLC-controlled.

Car stackers are an excellent choice for many reasons. When it comes to simplifying parking, nothing compares to car stackers. The parking systems are completely safe and capable of holding heavy weights. These car lifts are easy to operate and simple to understand. For example, the operators simply push a deadman safety key switch or a remote controller from a distance to use the car lift. Above all, the benefits of using parking stackers or parking lifts are significant. There are many reasons why you should choose a parking stacker.

Stack parking is entirely safe and reliable by fully meeting CE safety standards. The sturdy structure will guarantee the stability of the system. Besides, an Automated safety lock ensures powerful load-holding. It prevents the lift automatically from sudden system fall. On the other hand, sensors are attached to every car parking system. Therefore, any wrong command will not affect the overall system until you follow the protocol. Therefore, parking stackers have been safe and reliable for a long time.

The majority of houses and apartment buildings only have a few garages. As a result, finding the ideal location to store your automobiles together can be challenging if you own more than one vehicle. You can effectively solve those issues with a car stacker. You won’t need to rent a space or worry about looking for a new one because the stacker lift already gives you extra parking storage.

As a stacker car lift provides extra storage for your car, it typically saves rent money. Because of the stacked parking, you don’t need to make an oversized garage for your vehicles. Usually, you can limit your parking place by installing a stacking parking system. Also, because of the simple structure design of an auto stacker, the cost is much cheaper than a semi-automated parking system like a lift and slide parking system, rotary parking system, fully automated parking, and other automatic parking systems. The end users will not only save money from the system cost but also the installation and maintenance.

Maintaining the car stacker or parking lift is easy. There is no complex functionality that you may worry about. The mechanisms are simple, so maintenance is also straightforward. You might need to check the hydraulic oil to see if it is a hydraulic system. And if it is an electric system, you might need to check the wirings. However, maintenance of all popular auto stacker types is easy.

A parking stacker can be used for various purposes besides car parking or car storage. The 4 post car lift, many individuals use as a garage storage lift to store the sundries on the ceiling in their garage. And they are also used for boat storage as an alternative solution for boat docking. Parking stackers can also be customized to different payloads and lifting heights to meet different purposes.

The majority of parking stackers use hydraulic drive over motor drive. There are several reasons we have made this choice.

(1)The car lifts can have a larger loading capacity by using a hydraulic system.

The hydraulic transmission uses the pressure of the hydraulic oil to transmit force. The pumps can obtain high pressure.

The power-to-weight ratio is the ratio of the output power to its weight. For example, the importance of the hydraulic pump on the aircraft is only 0.209kg per KW of power, while the weight of the motor will reach 2kg per KW. Because the power packs are usually mounted on the lifts, it requires as little weight as possible.

(3) Easy to do the reciprocating movement.

Car stackers only move vertically. The hydraulic drive is designed to do reciprocating movement, and the motor must be through the gears, chains, and racks to turn the rotary motion into a linear reciprocating movement.

(4) The movement of hydraulic is more smooth and stable

Because the hydraulic fluid can be controlled evenly at minimal flow rates, the speed of motion of the lift can be very soft.

The pressure valve in a hydraulic transmission setting can be used to control the system’s pressure and prevent overload and accidents. A pressure gauge can also be installed in the system to monitor load size and working conditions.

(6) Components are lubricated automatically, resulting in long service life.

Hydraulic oils create a lubricating effect on the hydraulic components. This allows the parts to have self-lubrication properties and extends their lifespan.

(7) The temperature of the surroundings impacts the parking system’s performance.

Because of the nature of the oils, the environmental temperature should not be either too high or too low. For the motor type, the user should not be worried about it.

(8) The noise of the motor type is lower than the hydraulic pump in general. The motor drive should be considered if the environments are very noise sensitive.

A typical parking stacker consists of three major parts: primary structure, power system, and control system.

An average 2 post car park lift weighs 1,000 kg, and the retail market prices are between $4,500 and $9,000. For a regular 4 post car lift, the retail price usually ranges from $3,800 to $5,500. For a 3 car lift, the price could be from 6,000. In general, the price usually depends on the designs, lifting capacities and lifting heights.

In addition to the cost of a parking stacker, installation is also necessary to count. A conventional two-post parking lift costs two laborers a day to finish the job, while a four-post car lift only needs half a day.

Apart from the above cost, other costs are sometimes necessary. You could require extra spare parts for maintenance, and the cost of those components might range from $17 to $ 350, depending on the kind you need. For further information, installing a double stacker lift may cost up to $1,000 in some countries.

With the recent and rapid expansion of the automobile industry, more people are driving cars and SUVs than ever before. However, there need to be more parking spots to accommodate this growth. Parking becomes a hot-button issue in dense areas like schools or shopping malls. Fortunately, car stackers solve this problem by allowing users to stack their vehicles on top of each other in multi-level towers. This saves on both space and money. But before investing in parking lifts, users should consult experts to find the perfect model for their needs.

The  Double Car Lift TP-270 is used for parking and storing cars on the ground on top of the other. The system is built to lift a platform-mounted vehicle into the air and lock it there so that a different car may be parked in the space beneath the platform. Parking one automobile on top of another requires a minimum ceiling height of 3.5 meters.

The platform is made of solid unperforated waving plates with integral bent curbs on each side, while the plates are made of galvanized steel. This steel plate has inverted U-Bends fastened to the underside at certain intervals to provide lateral reinforcement. The entire assembly of the storage lift, which weighs 1100 kg, is pre-fabricated and can be put together on-site.

The hydraulic cylinder rods that power the stacker are chrome-plated to avoid rusting. A pump and motor are part of the hydraulic system that raises and lowers the platform, and a 24-volt relay and valve set manage them. The hydraulic circuit maintains a consistent fall rate regardless of the loading situation. In an electrical outage, a manually driven emergency pump is available to enable platform lowering without electrical power.

The car lift cannot be operated with a load of more than 2.7 tons due to a pressure-compensated hydraulic overload prevention circuit. The device has a planar laser system and a safety locking system. Whether the hydraulic or electric operation is used, the “posi-lock” double lock-down system maintains the automobile’s whole weight on the platform in the locked position. Each lift has a controller with a CE standard key switch, which adds another layer of security for self-parking applications.

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Car Stacker, Why Are They The Best Parking Solution In 2023

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